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Vibrant and colourful memories to take home with you

At Shakaland you will be taken back in time to have an authentic experience of the culture and traditional life of the Zulu people under King Shaka. With Shakaland being both a Zulu cultural village, and museum, you will be able to glimpse authentic Zulu life - the social structure, culture and ceremonies.   On [...]

Elegant, stylish, comfortable, relaxing and well worth the value

When you are on the search for an elegant, stylish, comfortable and relaxing place to stay whilst on your safari holiday, we have the perfect location and the ideal exclusive lodge for you to stay at. The Pilanesberg National Park accommodates virtually every mammal of southern Africa and is also home to healthy populations of [...]

Awarded: eTN added Clico Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg to THE LIST

The Clico Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, was nominated to be added to THE LIST by eTurboNews. Sending in the nomination was Tilly Dix, an eTN reader, and publicist from Victoria, Australia. She said: “We recently spent a night at the Clico Boutique Hotel, and the personal attention to detail was superb. The highlight [...]

Teambuilding activities that make the workplace work

Businesses who don’t have employees who trust one another, don’t work together and communicate ineffectively, are doomed to fail. Ingwenyama Conference and Sport resort is renowned for hosting championship teams and for championing corporate teambuilding. We know that often a team needs very simple morale boosting and that this could happen on a smaller scale at. [...]

Do fake rhino horns address the issue?

Here on the Karoo plains of Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve we are forever on the lookout for interesting conservation stories and efforts to stifle the illegal trade in rhino horn is never far from our minds. The recent tendency to introduce fake rhino horn and horn-related products into the Asian market has had its [...]

AHA Hotels & Lodges’ Mpumalanga Magic

Mpumalanga is perhaps best known for 3 things – The Kruger Park, The Blyde River Canyon and of course, God’s Window. Awe-inspiringly picturesque with just a hint of the extraordinary, these majestic destinations warrant quite the influx of international tourists as well as local “staycationers” on a “sho’t left. Mpumalanga is wrought with popular game [...]

AHA Destinations in KZN delights delectably

AHA Hotels & Lodges is the tourism property management company of Tourvest’s Accommodation and Activities division. This acronym for African Hotels & Adventure represents a serious and well- respected player in the international leisure industry. However one cannot help but be transported to an image of a light bulb flickering above some person’s head when [...]

Makalali Private Game Reserve – sustaining responsible travel

Considered one of the leading pioneers in ecotourism in South Africa, Makalali Private Game Reserve is home to over one thousand wild animals including Africa's "Big Five".   Ecotourism can be broadly defined as sustainable or responsible travel to particularly fragile, preserved and often protected areas, which aim to be of low impact and frequently [...]