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Phofu Kalahari lodge

Get off the grid and get to grips: sublime solitude in Africa In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, as we run from device to device, even our holidays have become infected with technical beeps and battery-related demands. Take a true break to rest and recharge with Phofu Kalahari lodge, and learn the true joys of [...]

Wellness in the Wilderness

Find Wellness in the Wilderness As life, jobs and even communication becomes more technological, more exhausting and more hectic than ever, it’s hardly surprising that there’s been an upswing in global ‘wellness’ or ‘mindfulness’ tours. There’s one unifying thread to mindfulness tourism- the goal isn’t sightseeing or adventure, but rather disconnecting from our hectic daily [...]

Phofu Kalahari Lodge

Take to the road with Phofu Kalahari Lodge. What’s better than conquering the land from a high perch above some of the best man-made machinery around? How about having a gorgeous destination unfold around you on one of the top overland 4x4 trips around? Boskop camp allows you to bask in the central Kalahari beauty, [...]