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Thakadu River Camp Guides Competent Game Viewing

At Thakadu River Camp a concerted effort is made to insure that guests have the best possible experience when visiting. Part and parcel of this wilderness encounter is the wildlife element. Nothing is more frustrating when this part of your bush break doesn’t live up to expectation – however minute the disappointment might be. Your [...]

An incredible — and intimate — African wilderness experience

You don’t have to rough it to experience Africa’s legendary wildlife. Camp Kuzuma — one of just three five-star establishments in Chobe — is located in a spectacular setting by a well-frequented watering hole in the pristine Kazuma Forest reserve. Accredited by the Green Choice certification scheme, the Camp Kuzuma overlooks the plains of the [...]

Elegant, stylish, comfortable, relaxing and well worth the value

When you are on the search for an elegant, stylish, comfortable and relaxing place to stay whilst on your safari holiday, we have the perfect location and the ideal exclusive lodge for you to stay at. The Pilanesberg National Park accommodates virtually every mammal of southern Africa and is also home to healthy populations of [...]

Do fake rhino horns address the issue?

Here on the Karoo plains of Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve we are forever on the lookout for interesting conservation stories and efforts to stifle the illegal trade in rhino horn is never far from our minds. The recent tendency to introduce fake rhino horn and horn-related products into the Asian market has had its [...]

Makalali Private Game Reserve – sustaining responsible travel

Considered one of the leading pioneers in ecotourism in South Africa, Makalali Private Game Reserve is home to over one thousand wild animals including Africa's "Big Five".   Ecotourism can be broadly defined as sustainable or responsible travel to particularly fragile, preserved and often protected areas, which aim to be of low impact and frequently [...]

Thakadu River Camp – ownership through pride & respect

Along the mighty Marico River in Limpopo – a province more often than not in the news for stories of political ineptness and blatant corruption (of morals, for one) lays Thakadu River Camp a beacon of all that is true, good and inspiring. Standing testimony that hard work, resourceful planning and a clear vision can [...]

Travel in absolute style on your next wildlife safari in South Africa

                One of the most famous wildlife safari destinations is Africa. Home to the illustrious Big 5 – elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions and buffalo – travellers flock here for the chance to glimpse these majestic and illusive creatures on game drives. Travel in absolute style on your next [...]