Save Big With Hertz Yellow Tag Sale

Hertz Car Rental is one of South Africa’s premier car rental companies, enjoying nearly 100 years of heritage, excellence and innovation. Through constant customer service development and a desire to remain at the forefront of the car rental industry, Hertz remains committed to delivering exceptional experiences with each car rental. They pride themselves on their [...]

The subtle smell of roses welcome you to Summerfields

The luxury elements, which set Summerfields Rose Retreat & Spa apart from the rest, are many and to truly appreciate this retreat, one has to experience it first hand. From the minute you step foot onto this luxury retreat, the subtle smell of roses welcome you and the sounds of the flowing river invites you [...]

The primal pulsating African experience – Shakaland

Peering back in the ages you will find that the largest ethnic group in South Africa, the Zulu people, played a major role in shaping South Africa into the beautiful, multicultural and diverse country that it is today. The Zulu’s have a rich and involved cultural background with deeply ingrained traditions, which are as relevant [...]

Ingwenyama – interesting name, intriguing destination

It is our pleasure to introduce Ingwenyama Conference & Sports Resort, a beautifully tranquil country estate nestled in the town of White River, Mpumalanga. Situated on the outskirts of Nelspruit (now Mbombela) this truly auspicious gem is renowned for its mouth-watering cuisine, cosy accommodation, superb facilities and immaculate grounds. A measly 4-hour drive from the [...]

You’re never sorry, because we’re always careful

Any idiot can drive in a straight line, however experience is required to handle curves. ~ Anon The above quote should actually be accompanied by an image of a curvaceous, voluptuous woman, so that the point is driven home effectively. Sadly it is not. The one thing that unites all of us folks in this [...]

Zuurberg – A mountain of sweet treats

Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing ~ John Donne Many a true word has been spoken about these enormously majestic and gracious beasts who defy all that we think we understand about civility and benevolence. Humans have forever been amazed and intrigued by these unassuming grey giants and their seemingly plain, [...]