Makalali Private Game Lodge, a hot air balloon & The Blyde River Canyon

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Makalali Private Game Lodge, a hot air balloon & The Blyde River Canyon

AHA Hotels & Lodges, the tourism property management company of Tourvest’s Accommodation and Activities division boast as one of the many jewels in its crown of indulgence, Makalali Private Game Lodge.

Makalali Private Game Lodge encapsulates the spirit of Africa, with its warm, traditional hospitality and its breathtaking location. Merely arrive here they say, however be primed to experience a destination, which will not only captivate but also leave you with a lifetime of unforgettable memories.Makalali Lighting The Way

One such a profoundly memorable recollection is undoubtedly a trip in a hot air balloon. This fantastic and treasured aerial voyage above the bush and near the Blyde River Canyon comes highly recommended. Being witness to this splendor simply is not possible from any other vantage point, God’s Window included. One cannot help but feel completely insignificant given the vastness of the terrain unfolding under your bamboo-basket-version of a magic carpet-ride…

Every morning, with sunrise, the hot air balloons leave from an open area. You are expected to be there before sunrise, and start the day with a cup of coffee, while you watch the balloons being prepared for the flight. I’m told (unofficially of course) that should a fear of heights be a hindrance, something called “Dutch Courage” may be added to your morning brew…

After some short instructions, it is time to take off and witness the South African sunrise and the wonderful scenery. After a 90 minute ‘air-safari’, a suitable place to land will be explored. Passengers don’t need to be particularly fit, but this activity is not recommended for pregnant women, due to the slightly bumpy nature of some landings. This activity is also suitable for children, but they should be taller than 1.2m, simply because this would ensure that they see over walls of the basket

Champagne and fruit drinks are served after the flight, and passengers are invited to a hearty breakfast, with another splendid view of the Blyde River. Pilots are well trained and often have some ranger-related experience to share. They hail from the area and have many interesting stories to impart about the space below you resembling a majestic quilt made up of rivers, ravines and untouched countryside.

When you visit us, the ingredients that truly caps your scenic safari soiree are all present – Makalali, a hot air balloon & The Blyde River Canyon. Shall we say a date in a balloon and we’ll make it soon?!