News from Lalibela

New staff housing complex

There is a palpable air of excitement at Lalibela and it’s not just the hum of bulldozers uprooting tracts of alien vegetation, or the reintroduction of more and new game species.  It is the whirring of cement mixers, stone crushers, drills, hammers and other construction paraphernalia being used at the new staff housing development currently under construction.  Contractors moved on site a few months ago and most of the units are already at roof height.  The new housing complex is on track to be completed by end of June, ready for all employees on the reserve to move into.

There are currently eighty members of staff employed at Lalibela.  From the hospitality staff at Lentaba Lodge, Mark’s Camp and Tree Tops Lodge to drivers, mechanics, electricians and laundry workers, as well as general maintenance employees at work on the land, roads and fences, there is an extraordinary team of individuals who are the nuts and bolts of a well-oiled but demanding machine.

Presently staff are accommodated at four different sites, not all of which are on the actual reserve, so, with the ever-increasing size of Lalibela, it made sense to build a new complex and for staff to be accommodated in one centralised location. Great consideration and care was taken to design aesthetically pleasing and comfortable units, with beautiful views too.  This also means staff will be able to socialize and interact with one another more easily.  Logistically it will also be easier to pick up and drop off staff, especially those who work on rotating work schedules, from one location.

Under construction are thirty-six single pods, fitted with a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen.  Married staff members with children will be housed in four new family units.  Indeed, the staff are looking forward to moving into brand new homes.  As the saying goes: “Happy staff,  happy guests”.