The destination for those important milestones

Pembury Tours – SA: The destination for those important milestones

Turning 50 used to mean that it was time to take up knitting or reading in your rocking chair and try to age gracefully as you enter your last few decades on earth. However, we live in a different world now; people take better care of themselves by eating healthier, exercising more and realising that age really is just a number. Fifty year olds are now fitter and healthier than they may have been in their youth with the added benefit of wisdom and possibly more disposable income. Now you can embrace entering your sixth decade on earth and celebrate the life still ahead of you by doing something spectacular. And what could be more spectacular than doing something in beautiful South Africa.

At Pembury Tours, we will assist you to put together an itinerary that will knock not only your socks off but also those of your friends and family. We will help you plan a trip to celebrate your 50th and leave all you and your guests in awe. Whether you are travelling on your own, with a significant other or bringing the whole party to South Africa, we have you covered. From beach to bush and so much in between, you are spoilt for choice when booking a destination in South Africa to celebrate this fantastic milestone.

Why not book out an entire game lodge and spend the glorious days game viewing and the magical evenings gazing at stars? Getting to see some or even all of the big 5 will certainly make for a memorable experience as you turn the big 5-0. With the many varied and budget conscious game lodges throughout South Africa you will find one that will cater for your intimate groups or larger party.

Booking out a beach house on one of the many long stretches of sandy shorelines is a great way to celebrate your 50th birthday. A cocktail overlooking the crashing waves or early morning walks amongst the rock pools will appeal to both young and old. The memories made on a beach holiday in South Africa will be amongst those of the fondest ones.

Don’t let your or your loved ones 50th birthday slip by quietly, rather get to South Africa and make it a celebration that will not soon be forgotten.