You’re never sorry, because we’re always careful

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Any idiot can drive in a straight line, however experience is required to handle curves. ~ Anon
The above quote should actually be accompanied by an image of a curvaceous, voluptuous woman, so that the point is driven home effectively. Sadly it is not.
The one thing that unites all of us folks in this beautiful and diverse rainbow nation, regardless of any racial; sexual; religious or economic preconceptions, is the notion that we all believe we are above-average drivers. This is of course as far from the truth as Nkanda’s swimming pool from a fire pool.
At a company like Hertz Rent a Car, where we strive to uphold our motto “we drive you” every day, the driving capabilities of our Hertz chauffeurs is an aspect we never take for granted. Not one characteristic of their vehicle manoeuvring abilities can be the subject of opinion. They must be excellent automobile handlers at all times and this is non-negotiable.
For this reason we equip them with all necessary tools to be able to be better, faster and more dexterous than any car rental customer expects them to be.
To prove out commitment, Hertz chauffeurs from around South Africa recently underwent a full day’s high performance driving safety training through the Volkswagen Driving Academy Boma at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. This full day course covered defensive driving, skidpan driving as well as hi-jack prevention manoeuvres. Two weeks later the chauffeurs were put through a refresher course and again the pass rate was a “Hertz-able” 100%.
The above should leave you with little doubt that at Hertz our customer satisfaction element is supported by a solid customer safety platform.
When we drive you, we drive ourselves… Only a little bit harder.