2014 Scottish Leader Highland Games at Glenburn Lodge

//2014 Scottish Leader Highland Games at Glenburn Lodge

2014 Scottish Leader Highland Games at Glenburn Lodge


Glenburn Lodge


If ye be a Scot… or Not!! Haul out yer kilt, air it and get ready for the 8th Highland Games of South Africa ( in KZN Midlands) and for the first time in Gauteng. 


This highly popular celebration of Scottish and Celtic traditions has become a firm favourite for the Midlands and promises to be a wonderful, spirited community event once again… there and at our new Johannesburg venue.Glenburn Lodge

The 2014 Highland Games day of fun includes traditional events such as tossing-the-caber, the kilted Mile and tug-of-war, walking the stone, and the perennial favourite ….. The ultra-competitive Highlander Strongman competition, along with the emblematic whiskey, haggis, bagpipes and Scottish dancing.

The origin of games and sports is thought to pre-date recorded history. A common characteristic of sports is though to be the need to develop or imitate the skills necessary for survival – in the case of the Highland Games, this has been refined to preserve Scottish culture and tradition.

Today, Highland Games events are held throughout the year in Scotland and in countries around the world. The Cowal Highland Gathering is the largest Highland Games in Scotland and held in Dunoon every August, attracting around 3500 competitors and some 20,000 spectators from around the world.

Glenburn LodgeThe Games are a dazzling spectacle of bagpipes, bands, marches, dances, wrestling, caber tossing, stone throwing and various other exhibitions all wrapped up in a giddy whirl of music, tartan, food and festivity.

This unique combination of culture, sport and social entertainment from heavy athletics like tug-o-war and caber tossing to Highland dancing, piping, and field and track events will be taking place at Glenburn Lodge on Saturday, 21 June 2014.

The Scottish Leader Highland Games are a spectacle like no other set against beautiful scenery with colourful dance displays, local produce and an exciting atmosphere.

“Sports do not build character, They reveal it.” – Heywood Broun.