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Tuesday Travel Tips: Keep yourself safe when adventuring.

There’s nothing like travel to awaken your sense of adventure, and help you see the world a little differently. Using a responsible tour operator like Go Touch Down Travel and Tours to book your trip helps give you the peace of mind you need to properly relax and enjoy knowing you’re in the best hands. However, it’s always worth a little thought to ensuring your personal safety when you’re on the road too, no matter where in the world you are. Here’s our top tips for wise travellers to ensure you have the best experience possible

[smart] like you’re at home

In your home streets, you’re the savviest person around. You know where to go, who’s hot and who isn’t, where not to go and all the best drinking spots [and which cabs to call afterwards]. No matter how seasoned a traveller you are, remember you don’t have the benefit of this local knowledge when you’re away from home. It’s critical to listen to the advice your tour operator and fellow savvy travellers give you, and use common sense too. If you wouldn’t do it at home, don’t do it abroad. Remember that there are, sadly, those who would prey on an easy tourist buck, whether through outright theft or just predatory costing and dubious ‘experiences’.

Don’t carry too much

The number one mark of an inexperienced traveller is not fitting in- standing in the street with camera and bulging wallet on full display, hopelessly lost. Don’t let this be you! Split your cash and don’t leave too much in your wallet in case of pickpocketing, and keep valuables out of sight while you relax and enjoy.

Find out what’s offensive

The world is a wonderful, varied place. Not all gestures and actions are universal. Spend a little time with Google to see what the local culture is where you’re heading, and get the heads up on common gestures, manners and expectations- anything from dress to drinking and tipping can be vastly different depending where you’re heading. Remember, the respectful traveller has a whole ton of new friends ready to help if they get into difficulty!

Know your embassy

Make sure you have the details for your local embassy to hand in case you need them for lost documents or other help. Be sure to enquire with them before you leave, too- most run a ‘citizens abroad’ service that allows you to register the details of your trip. If anything unexpected happens on your trip OR back home, they can get in touch with you and your loved ones immediately and you know you have their support the whole way. Carry scans [or phone photos] of your important docs during the holiday too, so if anything does get misplaced you have the info you need to hand.

Being a savvy traveller deepens and enriches your experiences, and means there’s no chance of your wonderful experiences being spoilt by an unfortunate incident. Have fun!


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