Walk with Elephants at Chobe National Park

Lapping the edges of the Okavango Delta and home to the most biologically diverse range of species in the country, Chobe National Park has rightly become one of Botswana’s best known treasures. It was the country’s first national park, earning it prestige and a special sentiment in the hearts of the ever-welcoming Botswanan people, as well as making it one of Go Touch Down Travel and Tours’ favourite destinations in Botswana.

With 4 notable ecosystems within the park’s border, you’ll experience everything from river wetlands to dry savanna; marsh and floodplain to dense woodland; and sandveld right through to rolling grassland, making this a truly unique park indeed. You can expect to see elephant, buffalo, lion, zebra, hippo, buck and many more of the iconic animals that make Africa such an exceptional wildlife experience. The park even has four of the Big 5 [with the exception of rhino]. It’s undoubtedly best known, however, for it’s massive elephant herds and luxuriant bird populations. Chobe’s elephant herds are staggering, with many lucky visitors experiencing the sight of 5000 elephants drinking and at play.

Another feature making this park particularly special is the abundance of opportunity for river-based safaris and animal spotting. While traditional game drives also run in the park, viewing from the water offers a truly novel experience, allowing you to come closer to the animals than ever before. Be sure to spend at least one night at the many lodges within the park, and experience a night under glittering skies with the calls of the bush surrounding you.

While there’s certainly enough to justify a visit to this remarkable park just by itself, the Chobe National Park also lies close enough to Victoria Falls to make for a truly spectacular combination package. Drink in both of these wonders of the world with little of your precious holiday time wasted on transfers and travel- Go Touch Down Travel and Tours will help you craft the perfect holiday package.

Whether taken on it’s own or as part of a longer tour, Chobe is a park that delights all who visit her.