5 African Experiences you simply can’t miss out on

As the experts on African travel, Acacia Africa is uniquely placed to bring you insights into the most intriguing of African destinations. There’s nothing like the travel experience to open your eyes to new vistas and refresh a tired heart and mind. With this in mind, here’s our top 5 favourite African adventures- keep reading for experiences that will rejuvenate you, inspire you and thrill you.

1.   Spice up your life with the mysteries of Zanzibar

Exotically named Stone Town beckons you to the fabulous Spice Islands. Tiny little Zanzibar was once the world’s premier source of exotic spices like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, brought from far-away destinations by weary sailors making landfall on the island. Today, this spicy heritage lives on with ‘spice tours’, the opportunity to experience a living, breathing spice farm for yourself- as well as taste the delectable cuisine it inspires. Wander the streets of one of the most beautiful yet quaint towns, experience her beaches, and taste her food… Zanzibar will soon have a lasting place in your heart.

2. Stand where the earth fell in, in Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Crater embraces three dazzling volcanic craters which collapsed instead of exploding. It’s speculated the tallest of these would have topped even Mt Kilimanjaro had it remained standing. This ancient, intact caldera, eroded and flattened, now plays home to remarkable wildlife, with the Olduvai Gorge- famous for its breakthrough fossils- mere steps away. This could well be the only place in the world where man and animals truly do live together in total peace. Declared a World Heritage site in 1971, this land sees the native Maasai people graze their cattle right alongside the wild herds that throng on the grassland. The animals of the Serengeti have long been synonymous with one of the world’s best wildlife experiences and here in Ngorongoro, you will experience them all.

3. Follow in the footsteps of gorillas in Uganda

It’s time to tick the experience of a lifetime off of your bucket list! Bwindi National Park offers you the chance to track gorillas in their native wilds. There are less than 900 of these majestic animals left living wild, with only the Bwindi group as the main core and some far-flung outposts through Rwanda and Uganda. Sadly added to the Critically Endangered lists worldwide, you’ll have the unsurpassed chance to experience our largest primate cousins in their natural rainforests. While the trek itself can be a little challenging, the experience itself is one you’ll never forget.

4. Trek Kyambura Gorge and meet more primates

Uganda is also home to Kyambura Gorge, once home to coffee plantations but now best known for her thriving primate population. You and your guide will track the playful chimpanzees of the area as they swing through the canopy high overhead. Lush rainforest will envelop you, while birds and wildlife call in the trees around you. Far from the laments that supposedly sparked her name, the Kyambura Gorge offers you the wildlife experience of a lifetime and some of the most beautiful natural rainforest sights you’ll ever experience.

5. Give back a little time and change a life

Perhaps most famous for her lakes, Malawi should really be known for her people. Upbeat and friendly, no matter where you go in this beautiful but poor land you will meet people wanting to tag along- not for handouts, but to practice their English and help you experience their art.  Most of the local villages are keen to embrace visitors, though if you head to the southern lake shores it’s always polite to remember that much of the local area is conservatively Muslim and dress accordingly if you want to have the best possible experience. Experience the very best of the local community, guided by smart, savvy locals who know all the history [and the gossip] you could want. Get a candid glimpse into the stark but warm experience of life in a modern rural village, and visit a school to meet the local children- it’s an experience that will change the way you look at your own life, too.

From taking in the wonders of the world to giving back to the community, these unique African experiences will uplift you and help you rediscover a passion for life. Let Acacia Africa help you make your travel dreams come true today.