Guests are woken up 30 minutes before departure. Giving them just enough time for a cup of tea or coffee and a variety of biscuits and rusks to get your beautiful day started,

Quickly grab a fruit for the road!

Shortly thereafter we depart, and we start looking for tracks of animals we have not seen.

Some drives require you and your tracker to find your own animals. This entails looking for tracks and listening out for telltale signs of animals. Whether it be a squeal from a Rhino calf, or the clattering of tusks of 2 male Elephants taking shots at each other.pic 1 elephants

There is nothing better than tracking one of the most majestic and powerful animals we have to offer to our guests, The Leopard.  Leopards are somewhat of a drug for some people. I don’t blame them! Following and watching leopards’ hunting, adds to the excitement in the vehicle. Termite mound after termite mound we watch as a male leopard secretly makes his way, checking around like clockwork.pic 2 leopard

Then the excitement mounts as we find six White Rhino after hearing one juvenile/Calf squealing in anguish, begging its mother for milk. Yes, it did get its way eventually. One of the dominant males was trailing the group of 5 and challenged a younger bull. A short tussle between the two followed, leaving the older bull as the victor.

Later, many pictures were shown and shared amongst the guests as we stood on a granite rock alongside the Sand River, enjoying a warm beverage.

It is a true privilege to be a part of this part of the world and to share these amazing experiences with people from around the world.


Brogan started working at Idube four and a half years ago as a student doing his practical.  He worked in the office doing reservations for 4 of his 6 months.   We were then able to offer him a job as a junior guide.   He was recently promoted to head guide.