Acacia Africa Tours – Adventure tours at their wildest

Acacia is an independently owned specialist, which has been operating tours and safaris in Africa since the mid 1990’s. The company offers a broad range of programmes throughout East & Southern Africa, all with the objective of providing adventure travel in exciting, affordable tours for those with a lust and a love for Africa.

You might ask yourself, “Why Acacia Africa, and not one of the other seemingly reputable adventure tour companies out there.” The answer is not an easy one, however it is relatively straightforward… Our in-depth knowledge of destinations, local cultures and the environment make our tours exciting, while still being affordable.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.02.46 PMTake our most recent Tripadvisor quote as an example of a satisfied customer who found from us exactly what he needed – an unforgettable Africa encounter. “KM” writes, “ I cannot pick my favourite moment – Sleeping under the stars at Spitzkoppe, skydiving in Swakopmund, swarms of elephants in Chobe, rafting on the Zambeszi, the Bushmen Walk in the Kalahari, or the scenic flight over the Okavango Delta. These experiences will stay with me for the ret of my life.”

At Acacia Africa Tours we firmly believe that the journey and the destination aren’t mutually exclusive, but rather equally vital and important. This is also how we go about creating your complete and custom-made safari experience. We take into account your preferences, likes, bucket-list requirements as well as your budget, to marry you with the best possible African adventure we have available.

Things run without incident on close to 90% of our excursions, however certain unforeseen eventualities do occur on occasion. Adventure travel can sometimes be challenging, unpredictable and itineraries may change at short notice due to local events or conditions. We anticipate these contingencies and plan accordingly. We have our own operations base in Cape Town and use local operators, vehicles and staff.

ahbs_game_hippoSo there you have it folks. Enquire at will, book to avoid disappointment and hopefully see you very soon.