Accommodated Overland Safari – because not everybody is a camper…

Okay, let’s just say camping doesn’t float you boat. Fair enough. We get it! However let us also assume, for a second that the idea of an Overlanding adventure through Africa’s wildest and most diverse corners has fascinated you for years. What do you do? Well for starters, you contact Acacia Africa Tours today! Our Overland Tours are simply the best way to see Africa. Chocker-block with good company, unique experiences and thrilling adventures, our Accommodated Overland Tours have selected the more superior accommodation avenues available at each stop. Acacia Africa Tours offers the unique opportunity to explore Africa’s classic destinations without the hassle of setting up a tent each night.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.21.14 PMA word to the wise though – some spots covered during our Accommodated Overland Tours are renowned as well as sought-after for their secluded, wild and natural surroundings. In light of the above, it stands to reason that any form of built accommodation simply would not be part of this offering. In these cases, we’ve included your tent, a mattress as well as a sleeping bag to ensure a rustic, yet comfortable stay. All of which goes an extraordinarily long way to secure an authentic experience celebrating the essence of what makes Africa so special.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.22.49 PM

At Acacia Africa Tours we are firm believers in elements inherent to the sociable safari. When folks travel together in a shared environment, every unique encounter becomes a cherished memory. For this reason, Our Accommodated Overland Tours are categorised as participation safaris. What this means, is that you are expected to help out with the daily chores – nothing over-the-top, simply a case of everybody doing their bit.

So, if you’re visiting Africa for the first time and want adventure by day, but prefer some comforts at night Acacia Africa’ Accommodated Overland Tours is just what you are looking for.