Action-packed days at Saragossa Game Reserve

Are you looking for days with the most spectacular sightings of wildlife Africa has to offer, and nights spent relaxing in beautiful surroundings that will make your heart ache? Then Saragossa Game Reserve has everything you could possibly want from your African Safari.

Our daily game drives are, of course, the star attraction for our visitors. Our open game viewing vehicles are piloted by our friendly and knowledgeable guides, who will give you deep insight into the animal wonders surrounding you, and leave you with a deep and lasting appreciation for this beautiful continent. We also offer on-foot bush walks, to allow you a chance to experience the thrill of the African landscape much more intimately. We head out at dawn and dusk to ensure a comfortable experience for guests and the optimal chance to sight animals as they come to the water to drink. If you’re looking for a unique take on Africa’s diverse wealth of creatures, why not consider hopping on board one of our scorpion and frog walks? Although smaller than their headline-grabbing cousins, these little critters are no less critical to the fragile ecosystems that sustain the balance of life in the grasslands, and you’ll leave thoroughly fascinated and with a new appreciation for these tiny creatures.

If you’re looking to kick your activities up a notch, we offer some adventurous fare that’s perfect for you. Quad biking allows you to pump up your adrenaline, surrounded by the exquisite bush, or you can head out on a mountain hike to challenge your fitness. The trail is worth it- you’ll end your hike basking in the glorious sight of the Elands Valley spreading out below you. Avid anglers are also welcome to fish in our well stocked and scenic dams, giving you the perfect chance for some well-earned relaxation among your action-packed tour.

With a day of spectacular game viewing in the bag, you’ll have a chance to kick back and unwind as frogs sing and animals call in the bush around you. Above you the glittering South African skies will unfold in their breathtaking wonder, and Saragossa mountain offers the perfect spot to simply gaze at their mysteries- the perfect accompaniment to a night drive.

Daily life at Saragossa Game Reserve is packed with fun filled, adventurous offerings to keep you entertained every step of the way. Why not come join the fun today?