Africa: so much to experience!

It’s been said that every person should visit Africa at least once- but why? What makes this a continent that calls everyone to experience it? Is it the utterly unique wildlife we will be celebrating this 4th September with National Wildlife day? The majestic elephant’s and mighty lions? Is it the generally friendly locals, or the magnificent and unmatched landscapes? Is it a longing to return to the continent that birthed mankind? Whatever the magic, Acacia Africa certainly believes everyone should experience the unique continent we call home at least once.

Unparalleled vistas, remarkable wildlife and exceptional culture are the name of the game when you visit Africa. Here are just a few of the reasons you need to add Africa to your bucket list today.

Remarkable wildlife

Be it the iconic elephant [be sure to celebrate them on Elephant Appreciation Day, 22 September this year], majestic lion and kooky giraffe, or the smallest buck, meerkat and ‘dassie’, the wildlife of Africa is iconic. Many come for the Big 5, but the dazzling array of animal life is truly staggering. Rainforest, beach, savanna, desert and semi-desert, riverine valleys…each landscape boasts its own special animals for you to discover.

Iconic Landmarks and dramatic landscapes

Who can say they’ve travelled without adding the distant peaks of Kilimanjaro or the flat top of Table Mountain to the list? This is, after all, the continent that brings you Victoria Falls and the breathtaking expanses of the Sossusvlei in Namibia. From framing the perfect instagram snap to making memories that will last a lifetime, Africa calls you to discover her many faces.

Exceptional people

In every country on the continent, you encounter diverse individuals from rich cultural traditions. You’re surrounded by a mélange of languages, cultures, arts and stories, while the scent of delectable traditional dishes delight your senses. From the hunter-gatherer culture of the San Bushmen to the slick streets of the capital cities, the opportunity to explore what it means to be human meets you at every corner.

From the elephants of the Kruger National Park to the annual migration across the Serengeti, from the plunging heights of Victoria Falls to the aching flatness of Namibia, let Africa’s beauty surround you- Acacia Africa will help you plan the perfect journey of discovery today!