Africa’s most Beautiful Reserve: Moremi Game Reserve

Drink in the sights of one of the most diverse ecosystems in Africa with Pembury Tours. Explore waterways and lagoons, drive through pans and grassland, and peek through the beauty of the native Mophane forest. Or stand dwarfed by the massive Baobab trees, and feel your cares melt away. Moremi is a must-add destination for any Botswana tour, and one of Africa’s most individual destinations.

Nestled in the heart of the Okavango Delta, this spectacular national park was voted 2008’s ‘Best Game Reserve in Africa’ by the African Travel and Tourism Association. It’s the first African reserve established by local peoples, the Batawana people of Ngamiland, who saw the rapid depletion of their natural heritage and took steps to preserve it for the future. It’s also the Okavango’s first and only official protected area, giving the area tremendous importance for science, tourism, conservation and the environment alike.

Black and White rhino have both been re-introduced to Moremi, making it so all of the Big 5 can be seen in the area, alongside birds aplenty and all major naturally occurring carnivores and herbivores. All animals in the park live lives synchronised with the delta flood, using the crystal clear fresh water of the Okavango river and it’s oasis to live. Natural and unspoiled, the Moremi Reserve is low impact, preserving the unspoilt beauty of the area. It’s also conveniently located near Chobe National Park, making it a great addition to that tour itinerary. Self-tour and guided tours are both available, and the park boasts some spectacular camping sites. You can even take to the delta itself in a dugout mokoro canoe, or the skies via helicopter for a truly unique view of Africa!

With an international reputation as the reserve of surprises, even for the seasoned traveller, Moremi Game Reserve simply cannot be missed. Carved from pristine land and the love of her people, it’s a unique experience that will touch the heart of any traveller. To book your Pembury Tour, visit