Bask In The Smoke That Thunders At Victoria Falls

Roiling waters, spectacular adventures and memories for a lifetime all await you at Victoria Falls. Whether you visit from Zimbabwe or Zambia, as part of a longer tour or specifically to see the falls, there’s one thing for certain- this is an unmissable African destination every traveller simply has to add to their itinerary.

Victoria Falls is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and you’ll understand why at very first glance. Straddling the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, plummeting into the churning waters of the broad Zambezi river at breathtaking speed, there’s few natural sights that steal your breath the way the Falls does. The ‘smoke’ hangs in the air year-round, testimony to the crashing speed at which the water descends, and travellers in the wet season should expect to be hit by the spray as you cross the bridge. Listen to the roar of the falls as you take in the breathtaking beauty around the gorge. Awe-inspiring as the falls are, they’ve captured the human imagination since the falls were first re-discovered, and they’re as captivating as they are majestic.

It’s also an adventurer’s paradise. From pitting your wits against the class 5 rapids, to one of the world’s most spectacular bridge bungee jumps, the chances for adrenaline-pumping action are manifold. Swing the gorge, cable-slide, abseiling and rock-climbing, microlights and helicopters all wait to challenge you. Or opt for a slightly less hectic pace, and head out for a sunset cruise of the Zambezi to get acquainted with her abundant wildlife. Take high tea at the Grand Victoria Falls Hotel, and shop the bountiful curio markets for something to immortalise the trip.

The whole area has recently seen generous investment in infrastructure, from an upgraded airport now able to take the largest jetliners in the world, to improved roads and infrastructure making the whole Vic Falls experience more inviting than ever. With rich opportunities for the safari of a lifetime lying in the easily-accessible surrounding areas, one of the most dazzling sights known to man to bask in, and a certified class-A adventure at hand, why not get in touch with Pembury Tours to plan your Victoria Falls experience today?