Beautiful Nairobi awaits you!

Possibly one of the most wildlife-rich countries in Africa, Kenya holds a special place in the heart of anyone who loves safari. Now’s your chance to explore her diverse, bustling capital for yourself with Acacia Africa and our unique Nairobi City Stay.

From the baby elephants of the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, to the Langatta Giraffe Centre, we will introduce you to the intensive efforts that go on ‘behind the scenes’ to help preserve Africa’s unique wildlife for the future. Learn the stories of the orphan elephants, and explore the life and times of Karen Blixen in the very house that was part of her farm in Africa in the infamous opening line of ‘Out of Africa’.

There’s nothing quite like a stay in a Kenyan city, and Nairobi is queen of them all. This bustling, vibrant city offers spectacular shopping opportunities, a rich history and wildlife to explore, and so very much more. Spend a little of your downtime pre- or post-safari exploring her national museum, botanical gardens and art gallery. Learn more about man’s very origins through the rich archaeological sites found in the area, and be wowed by the depths of our prehistory.

You can’t leave Nairobi without sampling some of the home-grown coffee and tea the area is so famous for, either. Be sure to stock up on some as gifts! There’s a rich diversity of tasty cuisine awaiting your eagar taste buds, too, so come hungry. Perhaps most surprising a secret of all, the extensive Nairobi National Park lurks close to Nairobi’s centre, with 4 of the Big 5 and spectacular scenery nestled 7km from the city centre!

Be sure to seek out the Masai Market. Open every day but Monday, the locale switches regularly, making getting there part of the fun challenge. It’s a great ground to find that certain something for someone special. Hop on a local matatu taxi to get there if you’re feeling brave!

Kenya is exotic, beautiful and welcoming, and you simply have to experience her to understand her. Nairobi can, in many ways, be considered the jewel in her crown, offering spectacular night life, an urban setting that’s packed with life, and a new discovery awaiting around every corner. Let Acacia Africa introduce you to the very best of Nairobi and her spectacular wildlife.