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Begin your cultural journey

Go beyond the normal tourist holiday, change the destinations you visit and enjoy a cultural holiday, where the focus on the local culture, past and present, will help you discover the lifeblood of any country – its people.

Cultural holidays uncover different ways of life, and offer you the unique opportunity to meet and sometimes stay amongst local people or tribal groups.

At Shakaland, you can get in touch with the Zulu culture when staying at this authentic recreation of Shaka Zulu’s Great Kraal! Shakaland Hotel is more than just a tourist attraction – it is an enriching experience affording a better understanding of the Zulu nation, its people and their intriguing customs.Shakaland
As you immerse yourself into the richness of the customs of the Zulu people, be a part of a Beerdrinking ceremony where you will learn that no Zulu ceremony is complete without the ceremonial passing around of the clay ukhamba. You will find out all about their social systems and hierarchy.SA Travel Blog

Become fascinated in the pulsating primal movements of the warriors as they show you their fighting formations under the vast African sky.

SA Travel BlogAs you walk around Shakaland, the people in their traditional attire will enthral you as they teach you all about their custom. You will see first hand how they go about life, and you will be able to see everything from their intricate beadwork and pottery, to their traditional spear throwing. The spectacular Zulu Dance show, performed to the ancient rhythm of the beating Africa drums will have you transfixed.

SA Travel BlogAs you retire for the evening, Shakaland accommodation features authentic African decor, complete with wooden interiors, thatched roofs and a warm, earthy ambience.

Stay in first-class accommodation in traditional beehive huts which offer all mod-cons such as en-suite bathrooms to provide a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Begin your cultural journey today, at Shakaland.