Better for your taste buds, better for you: the benefits of farm fresh

We spoke recently about the delights of the farm-to-plate experience here at Saragossa Game Reserve, and how it can deepen and enrich your eating experience, as well as add a bright spot top the day for the whole family. But how does the unique, clean process of sourcing your food direct from the farm really impact you? We take a look.

September is, of course, Organic month here in South Africa, and Saragossa are proud to be part of the organic revolution. Our entire farm works only on biological pest control measures, eliminating weed killers and pesticides from the process. Our animals are free range only.

Sounds great, right? But what does it really all mean? Farm fresh is best- you’ll get no dispute from us there! But why?

The answer is simple. The absence of worrisome insecticides from your food chain helps avoid the micro-consumption of these substances, increasingly a worry for endocrine disruption in the body and more. When it comes to feeding your youngsters, this helps ensure the optimum environment for them to grow and thrive without the worry of chemical build-up within the body. And it’s better for you too!

Sustainable farming practices like ours have another benefit- a significant reduction in waste. Everything from the absence of single-use packaging on the goods that hit our kitchen shelves, to returning spoiled fruits to the soil that nourished the tree helps keep the world cleaner, healthier and happy. And we’re giving back to the community be creating real employment opportunities for the people who call this land home.

You’ve also lost the effects of the cold chain that brings goods to the supermarket. Of course, refrigeration is a magnificent thing, without which we’d not be able to enjoy the varied diets we do. But there’s no denying that a little of the flavour is lost on the way. Straight from the farm, you get the ultimate flavour experience for your taste buds!

Lastly, let’s face it- we all know we should be making more room in our diets for the good stuff: healthy meats and fats, delectable, vitamin-packed fruits and veggies of all colours… but that can be difficult to cram into a hectic daily life. At Saragossa, it’s all done for you, ensuring you’re at your peak to enjoy the reserve and all it offers. Shhh… we promise we won’t tell if you cheat on your diet a little!

From fulsome flavour, to community upliftment and better health, the organic farming approach at Saragossa Game Reserve helps you keep healthy, fit and tantalised throughout your stay.