Botswana The Hidden Gem

Botswana: Africa’s Hidden Gem

Twice the size of France, but often neglected for thought among the 58 countries that make up the thriving African continent, Botswana showcases it all: rich animal life, friendly people and a unique travel experience.

Wild, expansive and still pristine, Botswana takes great pride both in her model democracy

[the West could learn a few lessons] and her animal heritage. Sip tea as hippos and crocodiles frolick in the river in front of you. Be woken by the haunting call of the African Fish Eagle, and spend your day on a singular safari featuring some of Africa’s most iconic animals. Fall in love with this dry and open country and have your heart broken in the best way possible when it’s time to leave again.


The country’s clever use of its diamond resources may have bought a more traditional wealth, but the hearts of Botswana’s people still lie with their cattle and the cultural wealth they bring. One of the last remaining bastions of the San people, or ‘bushmen’ as they were once known, you can explore their exceptional hunter-gatherer culture, including rock art over 4000 years old, up close and personal, or head into the throbbing and vibrant cities for a taste of modern convenience and luxury. Wherever your trip takes you, you’ll encounter only smiles and the traditional- almost notorious- friendliness this region offers. Relax and unwind as the unhurried pace of life in Botswana seeps into your soul, pushing aside the worries and clamour of life back home. Place your head on your pillow at the end of the day, and hear the echoing roar of lions to lull you to sleep.

Botswana is truly a hidden gem on the African continent, and one you can’t miss exploring- why not let us at Phofu Safari Lodge help you plan a trip today, and take home a basket of memories from this unique and spectacular African heartland?