Bucket-list checked at Bateleur

We welcomed belated honeymoon couple Kent and Solveig Kristiansen to Bateleur Main Camp, our little piece of heaven in the heart of the world renowned Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, from the 10th to the 13th of March. After tieing the knot in August of 2016, this charming duo could simply not find a gap earlier to celebrate their nuptuals and new life together. Fortunately for them the weather this time of the year is perfect and complements the safari experience beautifully.

When guests are this enthusiastic and excited about their intended itinerary, it sure makes for a memorable and relaxed experience. And what lay ahead on their very first day out, wasn’t to disappoint either – elephant, rhino, lions, impala, giraffe and warthogs. Although the guests weren’t necessarily keen birdwatchers, the winged sighting complemented the safari experince extremely well. The Wahlberg’s Eagle, European Roller, Ground Hornbill and Fiery-necked Nightjar all popped onto our radar.

Day two had a slightly gloomy tinge to it, when we discovered a deceased male lion with a dislocated hind leg. He was still warm and the guests got to inspect this magnificent African beast up close. An unforgettable moment in the wild, the death of this great warrior notwithstanding. Day three and four saw more lions and a string of breeding herd elephant sightings as well as some great rhino encounters.

On the back of this wonderful safari experience, it was now time to dust of the bush and endulge in some profound pampering. Because the it was quiet and our guests were the only visitors in camp, we decided a treat was in order! We opted to spoil them with a romantic & private poolside dinner where reminiscing about their first African excursion was at the order of the night, no doubt. After the fairytale feast, the indulgence continued with a lavender bath topped with some deliciuosly creamy Amarula on ice.

The stars truly aligned on this occasion and the every aspect of the Kristiansen’s stay was picture perfect. What lovely people with such a keen interest in the bush. We will remember it fondly and truly hope to see them again.