Bucket List Travel – Cape Town to Rwanda

Pembury Tours delivers on your bucket list

When you think of the items on your bucket list, how many of them involve travel? There is so much to do and amazing places to discover and explore in the world but the one continent that has an extraordinary amount to offer is Africa. Africa is full of unexpected surprises, beautiful vistas and exceptional people that will welcome you and leave you feeling like you have always belonged here and that you must, without doubt return for more. From mountain peaks to beaches, big cities and endless bushveld the only question is what to do first?

Start from the South and move your way up the continent. Cape Town, an iconic African city with a Eurocentric twist, has Table Mountain as its backdrop, recently added to the list of the Natural Wonders of the World. Enjoy the best restaurants the country has to offer along with trendy shopping, beautiful beaches and the winelands. Then make your way up the Garden Route to the plethora of seaside villages, scenic drives and indigenous forests. The options for a safari are not as well known in the Eastern Cape, as the Kruger National Park or Madikwe, but are no less impressive. Offering Big 5 safaris in malaria-free areas the Addo Elephant Park and Shamwari Game Reserve offer the perfect setting for luxury and family bush travel.

A definite bucket list item must be to watch the Wildebeest migration in Tanzania, the largest movement of animals in the world between July and October. To witness this phenomenon is magical, unbelievable and a definite must.

Heading further North there is a safari of a different kind on offer. Trek with the majestic, endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, an experience some people have said is the most rewarding they have ever had. Walking conditions can be tough with up to 7 hours of hiking before you find your Gorilla group, but nothing can compare to what awaits you when exchanging glances with the tranquil giants.

When all the hard work is done, nothing completes a travel bucket list than spending a few days resting on one of the Indian Ocean islands that lie off the East coast of the continent. Zanzibar, Seychelles, Mauritius. Each one has its own unique take on island life and much to offer. The Seychelles is sanctuary to some of the rarest species of plants and animals on earth on its group of 115 islands. Zanzibar, or the Spice Island, offers a thrill to the senses as tropical air is infused with cinnamon and cloves. It offers a rustic and unspoiled paradise with a distinct African flair. Soak up the enchanting Creole cuisine and music in Mauritius at one of the many beautiful hotels and resorts.

This is just the beginning of the myriad of experiences that await you on this amazing continent. It begs for multiple visits to tick off all those items, which won’t be hard as it is place that will, without doubt, capture your heart.