Come home to the Cradle of Humankind

Africa is home! Each and every human walking the earth today had distant ancestors who once graced this remarkable continent-and nowhere else can you get a better sense of this spectacular heritage then at the Cradle of Humankind conservancy area.  Go Touch Down Travel and Tours is proud to help you facilitate tours and exploration in this remarkable, fossil-rich area of the world, allowing each and every one of us to get in touch with our roots once again.

There’s a very good reason the Cradle earned its name and its World Heritage Site status. The area has outstanding universal value to humanity as a whole. Here you’ll find complexes of caves, each rich in fossils and bearing a superbly preserved record of 4 million years of human evolution. This is where the newsworthy Homo naledi, the most recently discovered hominid species, was unveiled, and where Robert Broom discovered the remarkable Mrs Ples skull so many decades ago. This is a part of mysterious ‘dark Africa’ where her bones lie uncovered for us to explore and understand.

The Maropeng visitor centre acts as an anchor for the area, immediately noticeable for its iconic tumulus mound shape. The name itself translates in English as ‘returning to the place of origin’, and that’s what you will do here- explore the journey that took earth from a ball of gas to our modern home and source of life. No trip through time in this area would be complete without a descent through the Sterkfontein caves, either- a vast limestone complex that yielded many famous fossil finds in its time, and today allows you to feel a little of the same spirit of adventure and exploration.

The Cradle isn’t all about the past, however. You’ll find superb accommodation for any budget in the many facilities the area hosts. It’s also packed with adventure activities to keep you on your toes. Take to the skies in a hot air balloon with Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safaris, or explore the fascinating melting pot culture of African rural life at the Lesedi Cultural Village. If Sterkfontein gave you a cave-exploration bug, then check our nearby Wonder Cave and pit your skills against its depths- you can even abseil here! Gorgeous gourmet food opportunities await you too- try Greensleeves Medieval Restaurant for something a little different, or take your taste buds on an adventure through the delicious restaurants in the area. Learn more about Africa’s iconic mammals at the Rhino and Lion Reserve, take a safari through the private reserves here, explore the Cradle on horseback with trail rides, or even take a day off to pit your wits against the fish of Kloofzicht Lodge, a premier fly fishing destination.

Wherever you go in this exciting corner of the world, something spectacular awaits. So come explore your heritage, and see the very best of Africa’s past and future with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours.