Come Meet The Elephants At Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park, Botswana’s very first National Park, remains one of the world’s best safari destinations, offering a wealth of wildlife, friendly people and a diverse habitat to explore. And, of course, no trip to the iconic part would be complete without meeting it’s famed elephants face to trunk.

Chobe is rightly celebrated for its immense elephant population, although the sheer diversity of wildlife the park offers is sure to dazzle anyone. Chobe also offers several startlingly different habitats- rolling grassland and sandveld; floodplains, lagoons and marshes, dense woodland and river wetlands. Expect to see Zebra, Kudu, Hyena, Lion, Eland, and 4 of the Big 5

[the park has no Rhino]. Watch predator and prey clash up close and personal.

Chobe is also home to the endangered African Wild Dog and ever- elusive Cheetah. Chobe’s Elephant population is the biggest in the world, making it one of the few places you can truly enjoy these giants at play in any number. Chobe is also renowned for its birdlife, and twitchers simply have to pay a visit to the park to explore the flashy birdlife on show.

Chobe even offers a unique chance to safari by water, offering amazing game viewing from boat tours. It gives a vastly different perspective of the landscape around you, allowing you a more up-close and personal experience of the animals then you receive on land. You’ll be treated to dazzling displays of water birds, spot crocs and hippo alike, and watch the herds drink from the very water you’re sailing in. Watch out for the iconic African Fish Eagle hunting from the water! Chobe is famed for it’s dry-season viewing potential, but there’s something for everyone no matter what time of the year you visit.

You can explore Chobe all on it’s own, or easily add the magnificent and nearby Victoria Falls to any package. Why not discuss your ideal dream safari with Pembury Tours today? We’re here to help.