Come to Africa, explore to vibrant Kenya

Wondering where to travel in Africa? Acacia Africa embarked on a campaign to ‘travel by Instagram’, and suss out the top places to travel in Africa….and Kenya came in strongly as a crowd favourite. There can be little surprise- it’s a beautiful and welcoming country with teaming wildlife, fascinating culture and a wonderful tourist vibe. Which two spots did you choose as your ultimate favourites, however? Acacia Africa reveals all below.

Chase the herds of the Masai Mara

Over a million wildebeest coming towards you as you perch above the plains. The Big Five in their natural habitat. Breathtaking vistas, abundant plains and abundant wildlife. That’s the Masai Mara, heaven for animal lovers, safari addicts and photographers alike. While the annual great migration is the best known safari event in the area, you’ll find something spectacular no matter the time of year you visit. With such rich game viewing opportunities, on-site lodges to suit any pocket, and chances to tour the area by horse or mountain bike as well as classic safari drives, this is a must see destination in Kenya for sure.

Bask in the beauty of Lake Nakuru

Nestled into the Great Rift Valley itself, this shallow alkaline lake bursts with flamingos, the vast flocks making the water itself seem pink! Rich in birdlife, the area is a must-see for any Kenyan trip, as it’s also home to both white and black rhino, both of Africa’s most endangered species. Additionally, the area has become known for sightings of the rare and elusive leopard in recent years, with the shy Rothschild’s giraffe finishing the list of exceptional animals you’ll spot roaming the park. They aren’t alone- the area bustles with wild dog, zebra, buck and lion, making for exceptional wildlife viewing. The surrounding acacia forests provide a haven for wildlife, and the hippo pool is just perfect for a lazy picnic. For a chance to meet some of Africa’s rarest wildlife, it simply can’t be beat, making it a perfect stop for wildlife lovers, photographers and safari hounds alike.

We have to agree with the people of Instagram…these two iconic Kenyan destinations are a mustn’t-miss for anyone looking to travel in the area, so be sure to add them to your tour itinerary today when you contact Acacia Africa to book.