Conservation in the Timbavati Reserve

The Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is a large area of bushveld that spans 24km from east to west and 40km from north to south. This makes it a large area to keep under check in an age where the demand for plant and animal species to be used for medicinal purposes is great and people will go to any lengths to get what they came for.

The Wildlife Protection Team is made up of strong, well-trained individuals that have passed a stringent battery of tests in a selection process to ensure their dedication to the task. It’s a large one. When we think of wildlife protection we automatically think of rhinos and our attempt to stop them being poached but there is so much more to wildlife conservation and ensuring that all species are safe and allowed to thrive in their natural environment. Water pollution, soil erosion and invasive o the plant species also pose a problem to the balance of an eco-system in an area.

Education is an extremely important factor in the conservation of wildlife. This has been successfully initiated with the Timbavati Bush School that educates learners from 35 surrounding schools in facts in conservation and environmental awareness. During the bush school, all the above issues are highlighted and learners are educated on how they can assist in combatting the issue.

At Bateleur camp we are dedicated to the conservation of the area in which we have our camps and on which we traverse. When building Bateleur Main camp, making as small a footprint as possible was a priority. Tented walls were chosen over concrete structures, allowing guests inside the units a closer interaction with the outdoors. No trees were removed in the building process, allowing the camp to unobtrusively blend into the surrounds. Andreas Liebenberg, the owner of this property since 1991, has been instrumental in creating the camp as it is today. During their stay guests will learn about the environment and conservation during their bush walks and bushcraft modules. Great pride has been taken to keep the property in a pristine condition, this has included rehabilitating erosion sites, maintaining roads and closing artificial watering holes. To this end, Andreas has twice been the recipient of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve’s conservation award for the most eco-sensitive land owner.

Staying at Bateleur will not only be a once in a lifetime experience but will also leave you with an education in conservation and a new appreciation of your surroundings.