“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.”
 Pearl S. Buck

It is my favourite time of day, excited guests have gone on a game drive to explore and marvel at the beauty of the Elands Valley.  At the lodge preparations for the evening have begun. The sound of staff happily chatting away while busy in the kitchen drifts toward me; all is as it should be.

I am watching Siya, our waiter as he folds crisp white napkins – swift and precise movements tells that he has done this countless times before.  The last rays of the afternoon sun are shimmering in every polished wine glass. Soon the fire will be lit and propane lanterns will show our guests the way back.

As I sit looking out at the animals grazing in front of the lodge there is stillness beneath the evening light, a gentleness and serenity which I find beautiful.

I realise that I know contentment and that is a very rare gift!in blog

By: Anna Venter