Cradle of Humankind

Return to the Cradle of Humankind

Add a unique twist to your African experience and return to where life started. Go Touch Down Travel offers special excursions to Maropeng, the ‘Cradle of Humankind’, where you can embrace modern African culture and explore our mutual origins in a place as unique as the continent that birthed us all.

Returning to the place of Origin.

Maropeng, the Setswana term for returning to our roots, is a unique cultural experience for the whole world. Housed inside a massive burial mound, your experience will open with an underground boat ride through history itself. Entertain yourself and learn through the interactive educational exhibits detailing the rise of man and our African Origins.

This World Heritage Site is one of the richest hominin fossil sites, having given us 40% of recovered human ancestor fossils. Set in a unique and diverse area corner of Africa, you can also experience spectacular bird and animal diversity, or dare yourself to take a trip through the Sterkfontein caves, a unique limestone cave system where hundreds of early fossils and tools were found, representing some of the earliest beginnings of human culture.

Caves, adrenaline and a truly unique experience

The Sterkfontein Caves are among the world’s most significant palaeoanthropological sites.  You will walk through the stunning limestone formations where hundreds of skull, jaw, teeth and skeletal fossils of early hominids reside, along with thousands of stone tools, which include some of the earliest manifestations of human culture on earth.

Wine and dine at one of South Africa’s top restaurants, learn about the very origins of mankind and even test your adrenaline with a host of exciting activities as you explore what it truly means to be human.

Embrace the best of the modern world and explore the unique origins of our very species at this special corner of the continent that started it all- visit Maropeng and the Cradle of Humankind with Go Touch Down Tours today.