Day Zero is gone but not forgotten

Here at Go Touch Down Travel and Tours, we are firm believers in leaving as light a footprint as possible on the wonderful destinations we travel to. By carefully conserving the unique wildlife and landscapes around us, we can ensure that our children and grandchildren can continue to enjoy the lush, diverse beauty of our unique world too.

Cape Town and Day Zero

The need to tread lightly has been well demonstrated by the Cape Town water crisis that dominated so many South African and International headlines early in 2018.  Drought is a sad fact of life in many African countries where rain can be scanty and unpredictable- and in some cases plain stubborn- as rainy season after rainy season fails to produce meaningful moisture. Over the past few years Cape Town- typically a winter rainfall region- has seen dam levels drop and drop as rains repeatedly failed to deliver much-needed water into the ecosystem. Eventually, this culminated in the need to bring in very strict water restrictions in the area- and tourism partners throughout this ever-popular reason desperately needed to get on board too, keeping the many visitors this popular city sees as informed and in the loop as the city natives.

Success, but at the whims of nature

This multifaceted push to preserve water in fear of ‘Day Zero’- the day the city’s pipes would run dry, predicted to be 9 July 2018, has for the most part been successful. Stringent water ‘rationing’ has impacted everywhere, from the tourism sector to the area’s many farms, even leading to generous water donations being driven in from other provinces at the height of the crises to help farmers and wildlife reserves alike keep their animals in good health. With the help of natives, tourists and fellow South Africans, Day Zero was pushed back, with local government ministers announcing that, provided residents continue to strictly adhere to water restrictions and the weather cooperates a little, Day Zero may not even rear its unwelcome head within 2018.

While the immediate crisis may have been staved off, it’s a poignant reminder that, for all our cleverness, man still remains at the mercy of nature. Working together, and working with the environment, is the path to great future progress, and Go Touch Down Travel and Tours are proud to be part of creating a better future for everyone.