Discover true romance in Africa’s welcoming arms

Africa’s always had a romantic place in the global imagination. After all, where else can you experience some of the world’s most spectacular animals, explore a diverse melting pot of cultures, travel in hours from some of the most modern cities in the world to places where humans have left only a fleeting touch, and bask under the stars in landscapes barely touched by time? If you’re looking to rekindle your romance and indulge your passion, then why not head to some of South Africa’s most romantic destinations with Pembury Tours?

The mist-shrouded Drakensberg, a haven of green in a landscape best known for parched grassland, have long been a favourite retreat for weddings and couples looking for that loving touch to their trip. Combine this landscape of glorious mountain views with a romantic trip through past history and a few days basking on the nearby KwaZulu-Natal beaches together for the perfect honeymoon trip, celebration of a vow renewal or wedding getaway. Add a special extra with some coral reef diving for a truly memorable touch.

If you’d prefer a trip that’s packed with all the indulgent pleasure [and relaxing spas] you need to kickstart your romantic side, then the Cape Winelands is simply a must for you. Wrapped in a gentle Mediterranean climate, lush valleys and vibrant vineyards await. Find the perfect spot to sneak away on a picnic packed with delectable local olives, cheeses and fruits, and sample some of the best wines and brandies in the world from cellars packed with old-world charm and history. Take a leisurely trip through any of the most noted wine routes, tasting exquisite wines paired with the best food South Africa has to offer, and rediscover your love for each other every step of the way. Quaint villages, local handicrafts and vibrant festivals await you.

No trip to Africa would be complete without a safari to explore the iconic wildlife of the region, of course. Slip off the beaten safari track and away from the hurly-burly of the crowds to create a spectacular safari experience for just the two of you. Some of the most luxurious safari lodges in the country lie along Eastern Cape routes, offering unforgettable wildlife experiences at every turn. Spend a night under the stars around an open boma fire while lions roar around you, and snuggle just a little closer. The Eastern Cape is also home to one of Africa’s best kept secrets- the exquisite Garden Route, where spring travellers can witness a floral explosion sweeping up the coast. This is one of the world’s most beautiful, complex and fragile ecosystems, and is sure to inspire your love along the way.

Africa is the home of some of the most romantic destinations in the world, and Pembury Tours can help you make your travel dreams a reality. Get in touch today- we’re just a click away.