Dulce Lenmed Hospital Grand Opening

//Dulce Lenmed Hospital Grand Opening

Dulce Lenmed Hospital Grand Opening

Dulce CafeWe are excited to announce the Grand Opening of our latest Dulce Cafe in the Lenmed Hospital Lenasia. Lenmed provides world class healthcare services to all their patients. Many of their doctors are leaders in their field and are often heads of departments in university faculties and government institutions in the various spheres of medicine.Dulce Cafe Lenasia

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Dulce Lenmed Hospital  to share our grand opening!

While visiting a patient at Lenmed, we invite you to pop in and sample any of our delicious treats found on our menu. We have everything from breakfasts to burgers, and of course we haven’t forgotten those with a sweet tooth.

For those of you that are interested in franchising opportunities : The first Dulce retail store opened in Rink Street in Port Elizabeth in 1984, and because of its success the concept was franchised.

Lenmed Hospital LenasiaThe first Dulce Café was franchised in 1987 in Port Elizabeth. All of our over 40 Dulce Café stores are currently franchised, and owned by owner / operator Franchisees.

We are a long standing member of FASA , the South African Franchise Association. This is a very important consideration when considering purchasing a Franchise, in that the Franchisor should be a member, so that this gives the prospective Franchisee many protective controls.Lenmed Lenasia Dulce


If you are interested in Franchising a Dulce Cafe or another of our associated brands, please complete the application forms, read the procedural information and available site information.