Embrace the tree that time forgot with Federal Airlines

It’s Arbour Week, a week to honour the critical role trees play in our lives, health and the ecosystem. Through our private charter services to game reserves across Southern Africa, Federal Airlines is perfectly placed to experience nature’s magic for ourselves. In celebration of Arbour Week, we’re here with a fantastic secret to share that should be on any discerning traveller’s bucket list.

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The tree that time forgot
Imagine the majesty of a tree that has seen centuries flit past. Its trunk is so large it would take 20 people standing hand-to-hand to embrace it. It’s gnarled, entwined branches reaching questing fingers into the sky as the sun sets behind it….

This is the Sagole Baobab, the largest Baobab in South Africa, and reliably dated to over 1200 years old- it may even be as old as 3000 years! The Baobab is far from just a tree, however- it’s the heart and symbol of Africa. Spend any time in the bush, and their striking, upside-down silhouettes will capture your heart. Shrouded in mystery, wrapped in folklore, the nutrient-packed baobab fruit and it’s oil even has a powerful place in modern health and wellness as well as ancient African remedies. You need only flip through Disney’s The Lion King (Rafiki’s Tree), Avatar (the Tree of Life), Madagascar and many more films to see the powerful grip the baobab has on our collective imaginations.

Africa’s iconic Baobabs
There’s little wonder, really. The Baobab species has been around for over 200 million years. These unchanging trees that have seen continents split and mankind rise. There’s been no need for change- they’ve developed perfectly to suit the dry, arid savannah, bringing life and promise to parched lands with its succouring fruit.

The Baobab fruit is seeing a surge in popularity as a ‘superfood’ at the moment, as it’s packed with nutrients and powerful antioxidants. That’s far from all these trees provide! The bark can be used as rope and cloth, the seeds pressed for valuable cosmetic oils rich in nutrients, the leaves can be eaten and the trunks even used to store water.

Amid these icons of Africa, the Sagole Baobab is king. It’s spectacular size and age give it an undeniable majesty. It oozes strength. To the locals Venda people, it’s known as ‘Muri Kunguluwa’, or the Roaring Tree. Hear the wind whip through its branches, and you’ll understand why. Many following traditional beliefs hold it as a sacred space. This tree has seen the Mapungubwe kingdom rise and fall, watched traders of luxury good barter their way to the Swahili coast, guided Voortrekker families to their new homes, and sheltered San peoples from the sun.

Don’t you think it’s time you experienced this timeless magic for yourself? The Sagole Baobab lies just 30km east of Tshipse, in Vendaland in Limpopo. What’s even better, is it’s a mere stones-throw from the Pafuri Camp landing strip in the Northern Kruger Park, an area regularly serviced by Federal Airlines.

The Sagole Baobab should be on everyone’s bucket list! It’s age, size and magnificence will soon woo your heart – and Federal Airlines will help you get there. Why not speak to our team of luxury travel specialists today, and experience one of the wonders of Africa for yourself?

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