Embrace the ultimate in romance and adventure

There’s no way quite like flight to see the true beauty of this spectacular country- but in a traditional plane or helicopter, the experience is over all too soon. Imagine you could take the same experience, add tons of mystique, glamour and romance, and soar slowly and majestically above the world? Well you can, with the help of Go Touch Down Travel and Tours.

Hot air ballooning is a spectacular way to drink in the sights of the South African landscape. Floating along, you will have an unprecedented view of this unique country and the exquisite scenery of the Magaliesberg mountains below. A romantic relic of man’s earliest attempts to fly, there’s nothing quite like it- although the humble hot air balloon has come a long way from its Boer War roots, for sure, with modern machines being safe and comfortable for the rider as well as providing the very best views.

You’ll start your experience as the sun rises, sipping on a cup of coffee or cocoa to keep your warm. Once you reach a peak height of 10-20m, you’ll bob along where the wind takes you, drinking in the panoramic views below. Rising with the sun allows you to watch the light spread from horizon to horizon as you float, and you can round off the stunning experience with a champagne breakfast to reminisce over the experience.

You will need to physically be able to climb in and out of the basket to partake in a flight, and you should be comfortable standing [or at least leaning] for about an hour. Due to the reliance on good weather for the trip, your preferred date can only be booked provisionally until closer to the time, to ensure conditions are both clement and safe for you to go up.

Due to their incredible popularity, we do ask that your book your hot air ballooning experience with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours fairly early to ensure you won’t be disappointed, so why not chat to us today?