Explore the cultural side of South Africa with Go Touch Down Travel and Tours

If you trust the word of seasoned travellers [and we at Go Touch Down Travel and Tours certainly do], then the true value of travelling lies in the experiences you take home. A huge part of that is exploring the native cultures and people around you, and making some new friends while you’re at it. South Africa is a diverse melting pot, with 11 official languages and tons of immigrant communities all contributing to her utterly unique cultural flavour. Make sure you take some time to enjoy it all as you visit this beautiful land.

If there’s one thing most of the diverse cultures of this exceptional land have in common, it’s the ability to lay it all down and party ‘till you drop [alcohol usually required]. This sunny disposition helped marginalised groups through the darkest of times, brings diverse races together over the simplest of sports events, and makes even the biggest outsider feel at home almost immediately. Immediate friendships can form simply from a shared love of beer and brandy, and these bonds are formed in sports bars, pubs and shebeens across the nation.

Springing up from unofficial [and often flat out illegal] bars in the informal township settings, the shebeen is a unique cultural institution that once meant you needed an ability to make your beer disappear very swiftly indeed if the cops were sighted, and now marks the heights of many tourist experiences. Today you can rub shoulders with everyone from labourers to hipsters in a dazzling array of outfits at shebeens serving some of the best liquor around, and no township tour would be complete without a long cold glass to round off with.

Taking a walk down the paths of history, you have the unique cultural origins of the many tribes who call South Africa home. Go Touch Down Travel and Tours offers you the chance to explore various cultural villages which will guide you through the multi-faced history, traditional garb and values that make each tribe unique, as well as give you the chance to support local artisans and craftsmen who continue their traditions.

If you’d rather explore the more modern side of life, then the many art galleries and artist precincts that litter both Cape Town and Johannesburg are for you. Learn more about South Africa and her people through these unique artistic expressions. Try the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, which is always abuzz with the arts scene, or the Maboneng Arts Precinct in the old Johannesburg CBD.