Exploring the mysteries of Sudwala Caves

Deep, intricate and cool, Sudwala Caves have been attracting the attention of mankind since prehistoric times, and were rediscovered by modern man as Somquba, son of the then Swazi King, fled the wrath of his brother Mswati. Conveniently located close to Saragossa Game Reserve, these mysterious and ancient caverns are a can’t-miss for your list of activities, widely thought to be one of the oldest cave systems in the world.

Biting incredibly deep into the dolomite rocks of Drakensberg escarpment, this astonishingly complex system formed slowly over some 3000 million years, forever commemorating the time the area spent as inland sea. Some of the very earliest known life forms discovered are found preserved in the rocks of Sudwala, including the collenia bacterial colonies that were life’s first steps to oxygen producing plants. It was also home to the famous ‘Mrs Ples’ fossil remains. Sudwala also contain some of the largest stalactites- and the largest dolomite chamber- in the world. This echoing natural amphitheater is commonly used for music if you’re looking for a truly unique listening experience. The Sudwala caves could well extend up to 40km into the landscape and have a constant source of fresh air that has yet to be fully discovered, probably the reason man has been drawn to this area throughout our time on this earth.

You’ll be met at the cave entrance by the guarding figures of the Sudwala dinosaur park, the perfect stop for families with young kids to learn more about the history of earth herself. If you’re keen for adventure, and travelling with a slightly older group, you’re sure to want to hop on the ever-popular Crystal Tours which take you through deeper areas of the cave then you can access on your own. You will need to be able to crawl, and should dress to get a little wet for this full day activity- but it is well worth it. Easier tours depart every 15 minutes and can be accessed by anyone- do wear sensible shoes, however.

Feel a connection to your past and explore the natural beauty of the present at the truly unique Sudwala Caves. Saragossa Game Reserve can help you with the latest up-to-date tour schedule on arrival.

An excursion to Sudwala caves is one of our numerous out-house activities we proudly offer to our guests. Our unique surroundings host a wide variety of magnificent excursions as the Panorama Route, Chrissiesmeer Wetland Area, the historical Kruger Hof, the old railway town of Waterval Boven as well as adventurous and well reputed abseiling and climbing trails.