Finding the perfect blend

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Finding the perfect blend

When it comes to the perfect coffee blend, just how much do you know about the delicious drink you favour? Do you know why you blend different varieties of coffee together? Well, have you ever sipped a Costa Rican coffee and wished that it had just a little more body and richness to it? Do you love the deep, rich notes of a traditional Sulawesi but miss the bright citrus acidity of a Kenyan coffee? When you blend single-origin coffees together, you can tailor the cup to precisely match your preferences by choosing coffees that complement and enhance each other.

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There are three major reasons that coffee roasters—and we’re talking about everyone, including the huge commercial enterprises whose products grace supermarket shelves—create coffee blends: to reduce costs, to provide a consistent cup profile and to create unique, signature coffees.
Conceived in 1996 by Kobus and Cornel Wiese along with their father Ben, the Wiesenhof brand, reputation and unique offering continue to grow. With this growth, quality has not been compromised for size and Wiesenhof remains a true passionate gourmet roaster, led by people who thrive in the industry. Being owner managed with a combined 26 years’ experience in the coffee industry, we understand the unique requirement of the South African user profile. We have aligned ourselves with product suppliers, coffee estates, equipment manufacturers and technical people who are adaptable in their approach whilst maintaining world class and offering “affordable superior quality”.

Wiesenhof Coffee

Even if you don’t want to create your own blends, it’s helpful to know what flavors you like and how they work together. Many specialty roasters list the origins of the coffees they incorporate into their blends. Understanding the typical cup profiles of the various origins, and how these are affected by roast, can help you make an informed choice among them. Take a look at the Wiesenhof Coffee Blends Cupping Report!


Italian Espresso Blend
Crisp acidity, pleasant sweet dark chocolate flavour, smooth finish with lingering dark chocolate aftertaste.

Espresso Blend
Stone fruit sweetness and flavour, with slight cocoa aftertaste.
Rich mouth feel (meaning full bodied).

Decaf Espresso
Pronounced Caramel sweetness and flavour. Smooth finish and great balance between acidity, flavour and body.
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Mocha Java
Pronounced sweetness, pleasant complex flavour with slight chocolate notes in the aftertaste.

House Blend
Bright with pronounced fruit flavour (stone fruit notes) and smooth finish.

Into Africa (Aroma: Sundried fruit notes)
Good acidity which produce brightness in the cup, citrus flavour. Lingering sweetness aftertaste.

Blue Mountain (Aroma: Chocolate)
Slightly spicy (herb-ally), tangy/dry finish. Good brightness in the cup. Raw aftertaste.

Breakfast (Aroma: Clean aroma with Melon notes)
Mellow coffee with subtle melon notes in the flavour. Beautiful Cup.

Anytime Medium (Aroma: Clean)
Sharp crispy acidity on first sip, balancing out to beautiful citrus flavour, with slight lemon notes in the flavour. Gets better and better as it cools down.

Find your perfect blend of Wiesenhof Coffee!