Game Drive Outing for Child Welfare to Kichaka Game Reserve

Game Drive Outing for Child Welfare to Kichaka Game Reserve
Kichaka Luxury Lodge supported a unique “reach for a dream’ experience to the children at Child Welfare through the Rotary Club of Grahamstown Sunset auction which raised funds for them in the process.
Child Welfare Game Drive
“On Sunday 23 April, a group of 18 children and five social workers who care for the children at the safe house, excitedly boarded a bus bound for Kichaka. Here, they were loaded into three game vehicles, and they set off on their adventure. First sightings were impala, zebra, red hartebeest – and then, a sleepy cheetah who lay on a sunny ledge and allowed the children to see their first predator. They were fascinated to meet the “fastest animal on land”. Next came rhino, giraffe, elephants, and much more. The children were impeccably behaved – remaining quiet and still when we were viewing game, and asking questions about the animals, which the knowledgeable rangers answered.
Finally it was time for a tea time stop. Kichaka provided a five star spread for the children and guests. Biscuits, cakes, sweets, lollipops, chips, juice, tea and coffee – all served in a clearing while giraffes loped in the distance.
For the children and most of the social workers, the excursion was the first time that they had seen animals in the wild. The excitement and fascination was palpable!
Child Welfare tea break
To the Kichaka staff, who were so friendly and helpful, and to the management for making this dream come true – grateful thanks from the Rotary Club of Grahamstown Sunset. You left no stone unturned to make this excursion a day to remember for the children.
To the guests at the auction who were so generous in making this possible – thank you for bidding on an auction item that was a gift for others. The monetary contribution and the game drive for the children are indeed “gifts that will go on giving”!
Thank you!”