Get wild in Southern Africa with Acacia Africa

If you’re looking for the perfect mini-break adventure, a fabulous add-on to an existing tour, or you just want to shake the cobwebs out of your brain, then take a walk on the wild side with these spectacular adventures from Acacia Africa– you won’t be sorry!

1.    Walk in the shoes of the great

From the humble facades of Vilakazi street in Soweto– home to not one, but two Nobel Prize winners and some of the greatest men to have ever walked the earth- through to the clanging emptiness of the prison on Robben Island, take a walk with the greats and explore some of South Africa’s tumultuous history for yourself.

Or reach back even further in time, and take a hike through the Cradle of Humankind, one of the world’s richest fossil beds and World Heritage Site. Experience the land as your ancestors once did, and change our perspective of the world

2. Go Crazy on Lion’s Head

There’s an easy way up Lion’s Head peak in beautiful Cape Town- but why take it? With a narrow ledge the only thing between you and a rather educational drop, start your trek at the cave they call Sally’s and wend a slow but exhilarating route to the peak. You’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of Cape Town sprawling beneath you as paragliders zip overhead. If rock scrambling is a favourite, this route is for you.

3. Swim with the sharks and [don’t] sleep with the fishes

Head to Gansbaai and meet a Great White face to face in a shark cage encounter you will never forget. Just don’t get too close! Lying just outside Cape Town, Gansbaai is known as the great white shark capital of the world, while picturesque Mossel Bay lies just a stone’s throw to the east. You’ll learn a little of the proper ‘shark etiquette’, then head into the sea for a safe but exhilarating encounter with one of earth’s most fascinating predators.

Round off this amazing marine experience by visiting the local aquariums and learning more about Cape Town’s spectacular marine life- don’t forget the penguins at Boulders beach!

4. Spot elephants on the banks of the Smoke that Thunders

Victoria Falls is an adventure in itself- but her wildlife is often forgotten alongside the majesty of the Falls. Dangerous hippo and crocodile dot the river banks, and if you’re truly lucky you’ll find an elephant or two to meet face to face. Experience the wild side of Africa in a way little seen, and soar down the Zambezi by boat in this unparalleled adventure.

5. Race down table mountain

Embrace your inner child, grab a chubby-tyred scooter, and rush your way down the flanks of Table Mountain. See the fragile, delicate fynbos environment that’s so unique to this biome as it flashes past the corner of your eye. If an all-terrain scooter sounds like the perfect way to laugh your way down a mountain, then be sure to look into this ridiculous adventure [and the many more like it] on your day to relax in Cape Town– you’ll go home with a smile plastered firmly on your face.

There’s no corner of the world as unique as Southern Africa, and these neat adventures are the perfect way for you to experience her wild side for yourself.