Heading South: Southern African experiences you simply have to try for yourself

Now you’ve explored the top 5 African travel experiences everyone should have, we have another treat for you- Acacia Africa’s guide to the Southern African travel experiences everyone needs to have in their personal brag book. Southern Africa is known for its friendly people, good infrastructure and tourism-friendly locales, so there’s little surprise the foot of Africa has so many unique experiences to offer. Here’s our favourites [in no particular order, either]!

1.   Experience the Kruger Park

There can be little surprise that this particular entry made our list. The Kruger is an iconic safari experience it’s difficult to beat, no matter where else you head in the world. Between the Big 5, the staggeringly beautiful vistas and the experience of being in one of the largest and oldest reserves in Africa, the Kruger has everything you could possibly want from a safari experience. You can’t say you’ve done it all until you have the Kruger Park notch on your bedpost, so it’s time to get planning today!

2.   Walk with rhino in Matobo National Park

Head just over the border into neighbouring Zimbabwe to take another indescribable bucket list experience off of your list. Matobo National Park has one of the largest remaining populations of these beautiful horned mammals. Call the heart-racing experience of tracking and experiencing them up close your own, in the care of an experienced and passionate guide who will make you fall in love with the bush all over again.

3.   Meet the smoke that thunders

Staying in Zimbabwe, it’s only a few hours’ drive to the border with Zambia, where one of the greatest natural wonders of the world awaits you. The ‘smoke that thunders’, Victoria Falls herself, has been dazzling visitors for centuries now. Play on the bridge, snap photos as the mist caresses your skin and hair, and feel the dull steady rumble of indescribably large amounts of water crashing down below you. Victoria Falls has to be experienced to be believed- and who knows, you may just find yourself brave enough to plunge off of her infamous bungee too! This world heritage site is a must for anyone visiting the area.

4.   Float downstream with crocs and hippos

Heading into friendly Botswana, it’s time to grab a mokoro– a traditional style of dugout canoe- and take to the winding streams of the Okavango Delta to camp in the wild. The Okavango is a remarkable ribbon of tranquil blue against the dry Botswanan landscape, offering a watery wonderland rich in animal and bird life that will leave you with a completely different view of Africa and her animals. Glide down the waterways before making camp on one of the many tiny islands in the delta. While the stars glitter overhead, you will be surrounded by the sounds of the authentic African wilds.

5.   Unplug from everything at Fish River Canyon

In a world where we are continually surrounded by beeping and buzzing, it’s time to unplug everything and reconnect with the wide open sky. Nowhere else in the world will you be able to see horizon to horizon under achingly clear sky like you will at Fish River Canyon, Namibia. The entire trail is a stunning 90 km end to end, so if you’re keen for the challenge it’s truly one of the best hikes in the world, with hot springs, bright orange mountains and an ever-present sense of immensity that will set your heart free.

6.   Camp under the starry African skies

Namibia has some of the most arresting, throat-stopping vistas in the world, and Spitzkoppe is pure perfection. Forget the cosy beauties of vegetation and forest- here you will find bald granite peaks standing proudly against the flat plains surrounding them. Tiny weaver birds have colonized the area, making nests that have centuries long history, while the native Welwitschia mirabilis plants can live for literal millennia. There’s no better spot to lie back and contemplate the dazzling beauty of Africa’s best starscape then with this ancient land embracing you.

Southern Africa is an experience you simply can’t miss. From the teaming wildlife of South Africa and the meandering deltas of Botswana to the staggeringly dry plains of the Namib Desert, this is a land you will fall in love with- and there’s no better way to experience it then with Acacia Africa to help guide you.