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Hit the Road with Hertz

If you go on a short break or holiday, do you really want to follow a set program by any tour guide?

You want to be able to make your own plans to go exploring. So if you’re staying in South Africa for a longer period of time, renting a car is a great idea. It’ll give you just the kind of autonomy you’re looking for: to hit the road and go wherever you wish, just like you’d do at home.

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When you rent a car at Hertz Rent A Car, that’s exactly the freedom you get. And did I mention that the rentals at Hertz are very affordable?

Don’t you want the freedom to go wherever you like?

SA Travel Blog

With an affordable rental car you’re free to make your own plans. Spend a day at the beach, go hiking, stop by an acquaintance, or enjoy a good night out – you can go anywhere you like.

Rent a vehicle with Hertz easy to use online booking system, and it will be waiting for you right at the airport, the moment you land. You get the keys from one of our employees and you just hop in. No waiting in line at counters or searching for shuttle buses – no hassle whatsoever.


With so many branches in and around South Africa, your starting destination and end destination need not be the same place, giving you even more freedom to travel where you please.

Hertz Rent A Car also has a range of vehicles to suit your every need. If you are a large group, you can opt for a Kombi, or Quantum to tour around with, you can also pick one of their economical “get- arounds” like zipping around in a Spark or Polo.

Hertz Specials

At Hertz, you will find a number of Specials running at all times throughout the year.

Hertz Emergency Rescue Option

Have you heard about the HERO – Hertz Emergency Rescue Option yet?


Should that day come, make sure that when renting a vehicle, you’ve selected the Hertz Emergency Rescue Option (HERO).

Whether it’s business or leisure, it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared for any eventuality that you might face on the road for the duration of your rental.


An optional value add-on to your Hertz rental agreement, HERO is priced at an affordable daily rate.

In the event of an accident or the sudden onset of a life-threatening event – a heart attack or stroke for example – the difference between life and death can be minutes.

This is when you need an Emergency Medical Service that can react instantly; provide you and/or your passengers with on-site medical attention and transport you safely and quickly to a suitable medical facility. This is when you need HERO!


HERO is an optional service available at a nominal daily rate to be paid in conjunction with the daily car rental rate.


Evacuation and Trauma Services

Emergency Medical Transport (road and air)

24-Hour Medical Call Centre

24-Hour Trauma Counselling

Telephonic Medical Advice

Contact Hertz today to secure your affordable rental vehicle!