Kid friendly spots: Weltevreden Estate Review

//Kid friendly spots: Weltevreden Estate Review

Kid friendly spots: Weltevreden Estate Review

So about two weekends ago we went on an epic family play date. I had read quite a bit about Weltevreden Estate, religiously stalked their Facebook page and so had been wanting to go for some time now. So when my buddy suggested we do a recon mission there for a possible birthday venue for her DD, it was on like donkey kong!!

As you drive into the estate, you’ll be sufficiently charmed by the pretty little dutch style building that greets you. It sets the mood, and clearly holds a promise of a great venue. Parking was pretty easy, and is more than ample, with formally uniformed car guards to assist you.

Weltevreden Estate Kids Carnival area

Weltevreden doesn’t fall short on its promise of its kids carnival area– it clearly LOOKS like a carnival as you approach it! Stepping through the entrance, you know your kids are bout to have a fun day of epic proportions!

And if that wasn’t enough to get excited about, a warm friendly waitress will welcome you with their complimentary homemade ginger beer. Now,isn’t that just lovely? Its a wonderfully kind gesture on their part, so certainly did make me like them even more.If that’s possible!

How cute are these cups of complimentry homemade ginger beer?!

Also to note, everything except the plates and knives and forks are plastic or tin. So there’s no risk of glasses being knocked over by busy little tykes. One less thing to worry about, mom and dad! And also no accidental broken glass on floor for barefooted kids to trod into. Yet another thing to worry less about! Clearly this place is all about giving parents some well-deserved chill time.

By the way, this also means that even your wine is served in plastic. I’m no wine snob so I don’t mind. But for those who are, take note!

Speaking of wines, they have quite a selection going, however there are only three that are served by glass. We decided to forgo buying a bottle this time, since we didn’t think drunken mommy on the jungle gym was a clever idea, and thus, stuck to by-the-glass. We went with the sauv blanc which was light ‘n easy. My plan was to try all three, but with running after a busy tot in a familiar game of tag with hubby, then coming back to hush our three month old, and throw in some nappy changes, and you’ll clearly see why I only managed to finish my FIRST glass just before we left.

For the kids, there’s the usual array of juices and cold drinks, and slushies.

No need for song and dance, these well designed high chairs also double as a rocking horse!
As for food, glorious food, they have a very simple menu but certainly diverse enough to cater for all tastes. Ordering was a bit haphazard, given that we had two tots and small baby in tow, but our waitron was patient and always lovely. We eventually settled on two Carnivore baskets and a Parma ham and parmasan crisp to share amongst the four adults.


The basket is definitely yum-drums with three of everything (chilli popper, bobotie spring roll n chicken wings) and a ton of fries. Seriously, the waitress wasn’t kidding when she said it came with “alotta fries”. The boboti rolls were no less than delish and had me wishing I didn’t have to share. I’m not a fan of wings at all (never got the appeal, all sauce and no meat?). But this one certainly had me licking my chops and pleasantly surprised by the amount of meat on that wing.

Dig in: Carnivore basket served in cute woven teacup and saucer


The crisp, whilst very pretty,quite tasty and smelling divine, didn’t do much in the way of satiating me. But then again, it was a crisp, not a pizza. The crisp option I think is more if your not very hungry but just wish for something rich in flavour, light ‘n easy on the palate.
So as tasty as it was, next time I’m totally going for the Leka Neh pizza (bacon, preserved figs and goats cheese. Delish, right?!)

The pretty parma ham and parmesan crisp


For the children, we ordered fish fingers ‘n chips.To my surprise, the fish fingers were not of the freezer aisle variety. Nope. This was fresh fish fried in a light crispy batter. I was a bit worried that DD would refuse this unfamiliar version of fish finger-its certainly not what momma whips out so time ‘n again. But madam gobbled it up! And even more surprising was her friendy, who’s a known picky eater, enjoyed one as well and came back for more. So its yummy and far healthier than the supermarket versions: Mommies out there, you need to definitely click save on that one.

Plain and simple healthy food for the kiddies


The kiddies menu is fairly choiceful and well priced – and clearly not “junk food”. Quite well priced, as it ranges from about R30-R50. For example the fish finger ‘n fries came in at R35. By the way, the adult menu is also well-priced.Perhaps contact them today to have a look-see at their menu, they are very helpful!

The kitchen is open plan and you get to watch your pizza being made! Even though we did not do this, I believe kids can enjoy some build-your-own pizza fun there too!

Friendly Yongs working his pizza magic - wish I had a better pic to show off the bright and breeziness of this area.
Also if your tot has any allergies like, say to tomato, fear not, as the friendly gentleman at the helm of the pizza oven assured me, since they make it from scratch, they can skip the tomato paste base. Or any toppings that your tyke might be allergic to. Awesome. If your kid is allergic to tomato, that’s found in almost every yummy kiddy meal out there, you’d understand my excitement at this.)


To round up our meal, we were in need of some sweetness. and they have a lovely selection of desserts.

Dessert: Can I just have the whole tray, please?
We, however, ended up having good old strawberry and vanilla ice-cream cones, carnival style!


Last but not least is their epic jungle gym. Two of them actually! Your kids are bound to go gaga over this.

Ginormas jungle gym -big enough for this momma to chase her tot through. Also note, its surrounded by kiddy-sized "tar" road complete with lil' bikes to zoom on.

Tables perfectly spaced from play area where you can still keep an eye on your youngens.


There’s also a trampoline, that’s completely closed up. How safe is that,mum? Win! And to top it off, its divided! So bigger (read: rougher) kids can go crazy one side with out any danger of concussing any smallies on the other side. Double win!

NIcely seperated so the smallies can test the trampolene waters without being roughed up by the more experienced trampolening tots



Kids can go crazy without fear of diving into the bushes.
Also, Weltevreden being as ahead of the game as they are, they have child minders at play area, so mom and dad can chill the out and enjoy their lovely meal and wine. If your that way inclined, that is. I am not. I was up ‘n down ‘n in ‘n outta that jungle gym like a crazed woman- keeping a close eye on my tot. Yes, totally paranoid she may have a dive but also to be there to encourage her to try something new, or a bit scary. But mostly its my paranoia, yes, I admit.

The friendly and very capable child minders


They also have a cute dress-up spot, as well as a shaded and pretty decent size sandpit for kids.

Dress up spot: What kid doesnt enjoy make-believe!


Sweet shop: Sweet little corner to buy lollipops and cheesecurls and the like.

Everything is under elegant shading and they obviously have a party area, denoted by the bunting.

Party area
They have a lady who makes the birthday cakes, but you can bring in your own at a small fee. Its like corkage. So does that make it…cake-age?:) For more details or to just go right ahead and book your party, contact Maryka at


Needless to say,my mommy-friend was sold on Weltevreden Estate’s Kids carnival area as a party venue, and is understandably excited about it. So am I, I can’t wait for that party!

On exiting, we also came across this little gem of a store with lovely little pieces of photographic art, carvings, frames, etc. Definitely worth another visit n closer inspection. Not to mention the gorgeous wooden toys!

Art store, with gorgeous wooden toys, that definitely needs more of our. time