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Kobus Wiese – Wiesenhof Coffee

Today, we take a look at the man behind the brand – Kobus Wiese.


Jakobus Johannes Wiese, better known as Kobus Wiese, born 16 May 1964 in Paarl (South Africa), is a former South African rugby union player who played at lock for the South Africa national rugby union team between 1993 and 1996. This accomplished man seems to just add on to his portfolio of achievements. He is now owner of a chain of cafés and CEO of a coffee-roasting factory in Johannesburg, as well as a consultant and TV presenter!Wiesenhof coffee

In the world of business, Kobus Wiese is a highly regarded coffee ‘baron, having pioneered the Wiesenhof chain of coffee shops. On the rugby field, he has left many an opposition player quaking in his boots. But in reality, I am assured that off the field, he is a gentle giant!


His ability to secure line-out ball was a major asset to the Springbok team, while his talent to poach in the loose, and his sheer strength, allowed him to achieve incredible feats – often with several opponents hanging on for dear life. With 127 caps to his credit, including 19 test and 19 tour caps, and probably the most memorable of all games, the World Cup Final itself, Kobus Wiese is one of the nation’s favourite rugby heroes.

More about Kobus

Master of Ceremonies Kobus WieseA regular commentator and on-screen anchor on MNet SuperSport. Kobus is a restaurateur and coffee shop owner whose greatest passions are coffee (not surprisingly) and red wine. Kobus is also a sought-after speaker – using his experiences both on the rugby field as well as in his own extremely successful business – to demonstrate how motivation and team spirit are essential to any kind of success. He is also a highly recommended bilingual Master of Ceremonies.


Wiesenhof Coffee

Kobus Wiese, established Wiesenhof coffees in 1998. Whilst operating his own coffee shop at the East Rand Mall, previously part of another franchise group, he found that he received no support from the franchisor. This resulted in Kobus starting to import his own coffee beans to support his business. This in turn, lead to the creation of Wiesenhof Coffees. Wiesenhof Coffees is a concept of buying fresh gourmet coffee, whether ground or in bean form, as well as enjoying an excellent cup of coffee and good food in a pleasant environment from people who are knowledgeable about the coffee industry.

“Our aim at Wiesenhof Coffees is to ensure our customers receive the freshest cup of coffee at all times, the best quality of food and high standards of personalized service.”

Wiesenhof Coffees prides itself in having the largest variety of gourmet coffees supplied from our own roastery, which is complimented with a full menu consisting of breakfasts, light meals, substantial meals and signature dishes, cakes, scones, muffins, croissants and salads.Wiesenhof new

Wiesenhof Coffees are gourmet coffee shops where the Wiesenhof Roastery controls the quality of coffee beans right through from importing, roasting and distribution, until it is served to our customers.
Wiesenhof Coffee Roastery adds to the pleasurable moments of drinking coffee by using only top grade Arabica beans. Pure and unblended, they possess the characteristic flavour and aroma of their native soil. Wiesenhof roast masters have the skill, experience and knowledge of each variety of bean, to adjust temperature and roasting time according to sight and aroma, to ensure you a great cup of coffee.