Not to be missed Johannesburg attractions!

//Not to be missed Johannesburg attractions!

Not to be missed Johannesburg attractions!

Johannesburg is geographically termed as fairly centrally located, in South Africa, and as the biggest urban metropolitan area it’s also the largest transport hub – for local, cross-border and international travel.

Fly the Kenya Airways Dreamliner to Johannesburg from Nairobi daily. The long-awaited arrival of Kenya Airways’ first Dreamliner was a cause for celebration in Nairobi. With the aircraft’s great fuel efficiency, there will be a positive impact on the airline’s bottom line. Coupled with this is a projected lower maintenance cost, as the aircraft will spend less time in the hangar and more time flying – definitely great news for you, the customer.

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Getting around Johannesburg could not be easier in one of Hertz Car Hire affordable rental vehicles. With branches conveniently located in and around South Africa, you can have your ideal rental vehicle waiting for you as you land at the airport.

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With the multitude of places to see and fun things to do in Johannesburg, everyone is bound to find entertainment to suit their taste and their pocket. This is one of the reasons so many visitors keep coming back to the City of Gold!

Nelson Mandela Square

Johannesburg attractions

Within Nelson Mandela Square, at the core of Africa’s most influential economic district, stands a six metre tall statue of the eponymous beloved grandfather of South Africa. The square is situated in Johannesburg’s European-styled piazza of the same name, in lively Sandton, Gauteng Province. It is home to a variety of chic boutiques, upmarket shops, fashionable African, Italian, Greek and French restaurants and water fountains for the kids’ amusement, with the statue standing centre of it all.

The next attraction is back by popular demand and cannot be missed!Johannesburg attractions

Da Vinci – The Genius exhibition in Johannesburg now on till 27 July

Da Vinci – The Genius brings to life the genius of Leonardo as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor and all-round Renaissance thinker. The exhibition has been seen by over four million people around the world, including tens of thousands of South Africans.Johannesburg attractions

The hundreds of exhibits on display include large touchscreen versions of Leonardo’s famous codices (notebooks), life-size machine inventions, anatomical sketches, and the only 360-degree exact replica of the elusive Mona Lisa painting ever made. Together they showcase the true depth of Leonardo’s abilities and appeal to people of all ages.

It has been recorded that Leonardo da Vinci would walk through market places, and buy birds to set them free from their cages. It has been said that he would stand in front of the cages and sketch, at a very rapid pace, the bird’s flight patterns.

Da Vinci – The Genius is currently on at The Amazing Place in Woodmead, Sandton, and has been extended until 27 July 2014. For more information and ticket sales, visit