Orange Grove Farm

The deep roots of Orange Grove Farm

With the lush mountains of the Langeberg behind us, and the unfolding beauty of our vineyards and farmlands surrounding us, Orange Grove Farm is filled with the history that’s shaped us into the singular destination awaiting visitors today- and we’d like to share a little of that history with you.

The area itself has played home to wildlife and nomadic peoples since the dawn of time. Small traces of man’s earliest steps through the farm’s land can be found in the form of long-forgotten stone tools and echoing caves that once provided shelter from the elements. Aromatic fynbos, renosterveld and proteas allowed birds, fish and mammals alike to flourish. The area also supported some of Africa’s most famous animals, including black rhino, lions and leopards; and even the now extinct quagga alongside more common antelope like grysbok, eland and the tiny steenbok and duiker.

The nearby town of Robertson is integral to the history of Orange Grove Farm, which was one of the first inhabited properties in the area. The 1790’s saw J.H Cloete and P.J du Plessis take the lease on Orange Grove Farm, with the Manor House as it stands today being built on in 1812. Our rolling lawns and sensuous rose gardens were slowly added over time. Fifty years later, the town itself was established, bringing life and vigor to this quiet corner of the world. Most important of all for the local farmers and traders was, of course, the flour mill, which harnessed the power of our bubbling mountain stream to turn the mill stone and provide for the town below. While Robertson and Orange Grove Farm were originally built around the ostrich feather trade, our iconic vines and wine tanks were added when the trade collapsed, with the farm supplying the noted KWV cellars with top-quality produce.

Today, we’ve grown to 830 hectares and a 2400 hectare catchment. As visitors to the farm well know, this pristine mountain area bubbling with waterfalls and streams, crystal clear rock pools and abundant flora is part of what makes Orange Grove Farm’s distinctive charm. With a strong future ahead of us in both the wine and olive industry, as well as romantic holidays for those looking to escape the hurly-burly of the city, we’re looking forward to watching the next chapter of our unique story unfold- will you be part of it?