Orange Grove Farm secrets revealed: a birding paradise awaits you

There’s a saying among those who love birding, and watching our tiny feathered friends about their business. ‘See a beautiful bird, and paradise will surround you’. Nowhere could this be truer than in the tranquil beauty of Orange Grove Farm.

There’s something truly unique about the wealth of birdlife that surrounds us. We see their sometimes spectacular plumage, perfectly matched to the environment they live in. We admire their shimmering colours, and their delicate bird calls. We learn their sometimes endearing, sometimes vicious behaviours to understand more about them. Yet even the largest and most fierce raptor is as insubstantial as the breeze compared to us mammals. It’s hard not to be enraptured.

Orange Grove Farm is home to well over 200 bird species, including a fairly large raptor population. The African Fish Eagle is a regular visitor, with its haunting cry being one of the most iconic sounds of Africa, as well as the Verreaux’s Eagle soaring overhead. Dusk and the night will bring out the Black-Crowned Night-Heron and Spotted Eagle Owl, while daylight calls to the buzzards. Lucky visitors may well even spot the Peregrine Falcon or the Black Harrier wheeling above!

As the property boasts two dams, there can be little surprise that we’re rich in water birds as well, most notable is the Malachite Kingfisher. The easy access to ample water brings birds in their flocks through the dry summer, while flowering proteas lure in tiny little sunbirds and sugarbirds during the winter. Over 35% of the endemic South African bird species can be found here, so there’s an absolute treat for every dedicated twitcher just waiting to be encountered.

South Africa’s wildlife diversity, from the notorious Big Five to her tiniest sunbird, is staggeringly rich, and keen bird watchers and the interested visitor alike will all find spectacular memories just waiting to be made. Come encounter some of Africa’s most iconic birdlife, soaring against the open sky in breathtaking vistas of peace and tranquility. It’s waiting at Orange Grove Farm, your heaven for birdwatching.