Orange Grove Farm in Robertson

We at Orange Grove Farm firmly believe that without an eye to environmental conservation, no operation can be truly successful, and we do our best to give back to the beautiful nature that sustains our operation. Sustainability, for us, means creating a company that provides meaningful and beneficial impacts on nature and the local communities surrounding us. With less take and more giving, any organisation can create a recipe for success that benefits everyone. There’s no better legacy than a positive environmental footprint, so we keep careful watch over soil erosion on the farm, water and rainfall quality, biodiversity, vegetation cover and waste management.

In particular, our recent focus has been the removal of alien invasive species. Pine, Eucalyptus and other common trees all threaten the unique biome of African native species, demanding more water and nutrients then the land can support and contributing to the die-out of native vegetation and the animals who rely on it. By cultivating a natural habitat, we can encourage the proliferation of native wildlife and help preserve the unique and wonderful countryside around us. We’ve put only 50 hectares of the farm under cultivation, opting to leave the rest in its natural beauty.

After all, Orange Grove Farm is truly blessed. We’re situated at one of the most remarkable junctions of vegetation in South Africa [and possibly the world], with renosterveld, high mountain vegetation and the unique and precious fynbos all lapping at our doors. The Burchell’s River Redfin, a fish found nowhere but Breede Valley, calls our waters home.

Conservation should be a priority for any ethical business, especially one as tied to the remarkable land around it as Orange Grove Farm is. We encourage our visitors to discover more about the unique ins-and-outs of nature conservation, so be sure to chat to us during your visit if you would like to know more about any of our diverse programs.