Our shining stars at Summerfields

//Our shining stars at Summerfields

Our shining stars at Summerfields

At Summerfields Rose Retreat and Spa we strive to make your stay a pleasure.  One aspect that is often overlooked at any resort or hotel is the members of staff that ensure that all of your needs are met.

Summerfields Rose Retreat and SpaAllow us to introduce you to Audrey Mametja, who heads up our Reservations Department! This incredible young lady has a passion for people, is dedicated to her job and constantly gives her full commitment to everything she does.

Audrey is a firm favourite with guests due to the fact that she is always willing to go the extra mile! As a person who is also passionate about Summerfields, she is a valued member of our team!

Another young member of our Summerfields staff that is achieving great things is Rodreck Zongoro. Summerfields Rose Retreat and Spa

He is our best performer with 33 Lobsters and is currently doing his level 4. For those that have no clue what a lobster is, it is when you achieve 100% on a test…

We took a moment out of his hectic schedule to have an impromptu Question and Answer session with him.

What are your ambitions?

My ambition is to be an F&B manager or Operations manager.

What does Lobster training and Summerfields mean in your life?

Lobster training is helping me a lot with developing my career, and Summerfields means a lot to me for bringing lobster into my life and allowing me to better my career with them where I can work and study at the same time. As well as being part of a company that actually cares about you and wants you to succeed in life. It is one of the few lodges that pay you to further your career by always pushing you to better your life.

How do you care for your guests?

By providing the best service possible,  as well as being generally caring towards my  guest and to exceed their expectations.

Well done and keep up the good work both of you! We here at Summerfields Rose Retreat and Spa are so proud of you!